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Canvas, Made to Create: Creation, Genesis 1–2:3

August 6, 2023

K-3rd Grade

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4th-5th Grade

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Story Focus: We kick off this series in Genesis 1-2:3 as we help kids discover something about the beginning of the universe. Looking around at creation, one can’t help but notice God’s creativity. From nothing, God spoke the universe into existence. With no detail left out, creation shows us the brilliant creativity of a God Who is big enough to create the world, and personal enough to love us no matter what.

Bottom Line: God created you so you can be creative. We pray that kids will start looking at the world more closely and notice God’s amazing creativity—from the uniqueness of animals to breathtaking landscapes throughout the world, not to mention the expansive universe filled with solar systems galore. We want kids to discover not only the wonder of creation, but also the way they reflect the image of God when they put their creativity into action.

Key Question: How are you creative? Because we’re created in God’s image, every single person alive is creative. We’re all just creative in different ways. We want kids to start thinking about the ways God made each of them creative. It might be that they’re great at a skill like painting or dance . . . but they also might be quick on their feet to figure out how to help a friend. There are all sorts of ways people are creative. We pray that as kids discover how God made them creative, they’ll also consider how they can use their creativity to show God’s love to others.



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