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Canvas, Made to Create: Joseph and the Plan to Save Egypt, Genesis 40–41

August 20, 2023

K-3rd Grade

Download the weekly K-3rd Grade Parent Guide PDF:

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4th-5th Grade

Download the weekly 4th-5th Grade Parent Guide PDF:

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Story Focus: In week three, we head to Genesis 40-41. We’ll spend time looking more closely at an important creative moment in Joseph’s life. While Joseph experienced many ups and downs throughout his time in Egypt, God cared for him and gave him what he needed to survive the impending famine. Joseph’s creative problem solving led to Pharaoh making him second in command of all of Egypt. The plan worked, and the people were saved!

Bottom Line: You can use what God gave you to solve problems. We often think about creativity only in terms of the creative arts. But creativity is so much more than that! When we use our God-given abilities to solve the problems we face, we are tapping into what it means to reflect the image of God. We pray that kids will see that no matter how they’re gifted, God can use their creativity for good.

Key Question: How have you seen someone solve a problem? One of the most exciting parts about creativity for preteens is that they can discover ways to use their creativity to help others and solve problems of their own. At this phase of development, kids may not realize that creativity can work that way. Through this question, as preteens remember how others have solved problems, we hope they’ll be inspired to use their creativity to solve problems in the world around them.

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