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Driven: Naaman and Elisha’s Servant, 2 Kings 5

October 8, 2023

K-3rd Grade

Download the weekly K-3rd Grade Parent Guide PDF:

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4th-5th Grade

Download the weekly 4th-5th Grade Parent Guide PDF:

2310_Preteen ParentGuide_W2
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Story Focus: In week 2, we head to 2 Kings 5, where we find the prophet Elisha and his servant named Gehazi. Gehazi seized the chance to use dishonesty to take advantage of Naaman’s gratitude and get riches for himself. Gehazi went behind Elisha’s back, denied his actions, and inevitably lost Elisha’s trust.

Bottom Line: When you’re not truthful, you lose trust. Being truthful is not just about the lie you tell and the consequence you might receive. When you don’t have integrity, people will start to see that you’re not really who you say you are.

Key Question: Why is it important for people to trust you? Our words and actions have consequences, including whether or not people are able to trust us. Kids might not quite yet understand why this is important. We hope that through this question, kids will discover how integrity and trust are connected. We pray that they’ll become trustworthy with their own words and actions.



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