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Raise your Game: The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost, Acts 2:1-41

May 14, 2023

K-3rd Grade

Download the weekly K-3rd Grade Parent Guide PDF:

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4th-5th Grade

Download the weekly 4th-5th Grade Parent Guide PDF:

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Story Focus: In week 2, head to Acts 2:1-41 and find out how the disciples found the confidence to tell the world about Jesus. The disciples had a huge mission: to share the message of Jesus with the world. Thankfully, Jesus also promised that God would send the Holy Spirit to help them. As the disciples were gathered together, the Holy Spirit came and empowered them to preach with boldness. Peter preached to the crowd of people that gathered to see the commotion, and that day, over 3,000 people trusted Jesus with their life.

Bottom Line: God sent the Holy Spirit to help you. As we spend the month talking about what it means to live with confidence, we want kids to know that this isn’t something they need to figure out on their own. God has given us the Holy Spirit to help us. We’ll help kids start to understand how they can rely on the Holy Spirit to give them the strength, courage, and confidence they need for whatever they face in life.

Key Question: When have you needed help? When we face a moment where we need help, we might lose our confidence for similar situations in the future. That’s why we hope to remind kids that needing help is a normal part of life. Asking for help doesn’t make us weak. In fact, often it takes strength to ask someone for a helping hand. We pray that kids will realize that, as followers of Jesus, they have access to the very best help ever. The Holy Spirit can give them the confidence they need to keep going.

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