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Ready, Set, Move!: An Angel Helps Peter Escape from Prison, Acts 12:1-19

June 25, 2023

K-3rd Grade

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4th-5th Grade

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Story Focus: We finish the month in Acts 12:1-19. Because of King Herod, Peter found himself chained up between two guards, with another two guards at the door. That night, God sent an angel to the rescue. With the angel’s help, Peter walked right out of the prison to the home where other Jesus-followers had met to pray for him. The other believers could hardly believe what they saw. God had answered their prayer, and Peter was with them again!

Bottom Line: God is with you even when you feel stuck. It can be really hard to feel stuck. We might feel like we’re alone in our circumstances. Thankfully, throughout the Bible we can read about people who faced situations when they not only felt stuck, but were stuck. God was with them and gave them the strength to face their situations with faith. We pray that kids will really believe that they can trust God no matter what.

Key Question: What does it feel like to be stuck? Sometimes we’re physically stuck. Our shoes get stuck in the mud, or we’re squished in the back of a crowded elevator. Other times, we might just feel stuck. We might be caught between friends who are arguing with each other, we might not like where we live, or we might not know how to make an important decision. Naming these moments out loud can help us trust God and have faith that God will help us get through them.

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