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Think Tank: John the Baptist in Prison, Matthew 11:1-6

January 29, 2023

K-3rd Grade

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4th-5th Grade

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Story Focus: We finish up the month in Matthew 11:1-6 where we read that John the Baptist was in prison. John seemed to wonder if Jesus was truly the Savior that God had promised. John sent two of his disciples to ask Jesus his questions. Jesus responded in love, which reassured John that all of God’s promises were coming true.

Bottom Line: If you don’t understand something, ask. We never want kids to feel like they can’t ask hard questions about God. Questions about faith are a normal part of growing in your relationship with God. We pray that kids will find safe people at home or at church to ask about what they don’t understand. We pray that these people will help them as they are discovering what it means to trust God no matter what.

Key Question: What questions do you have? Preteens are starting to discover the complexities of the world around them. With those discoveries come some big questions about God and faith. Our preteens need people in their lives they can trust to help them navigate those big questions. We pray that through this lesson, kids will identify people in their life who can walk with them through their questions and point them toward Jesus.



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