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You Can Begin Again: Regrets, Part 2

January 17, 2021

You can't change the past but you can stop living there. Here are the points Pastor David provides about regret, redemption, and repentance.

After Regret, how do you begin again?

1. Confront it

2. Hand it over

3. Let it be redeemed

The Process of Repentance:

1. Experience genuine sorrow for it

2. Own your responsibility for it

3. Seek God's forgiveness

4. By faith, accept His cleansing

Redemption is not something we do, it is something God causes to happen.

Redemption might look like this:

1. It might look like finding your way back to God

2. It might be beginning to really grow spiritually

3. It might be a brand new timing

4. It might be a redirection

5. It might be a blessing or becoming a blessing to others


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