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You Can Begin Again: Relationship Repair

Updated: Jan 26

January 24, 2021

Great progress is made when you always begin again. What is the most important skill needed to have the most successful relationship? It is the ability to REPAIR when the relationship is damaged. This ability is already wired into your faith in Christ.

Principles of Relationship Repair

1. The high value in it

2. The crucial steps in it

3. The ability to experience it

Five Aspects of Repairing a Relationship:

1. Express regret, "I'm sorry"

2. Accept responsibility, "I was wrong"

3. Offer restitution, "How can I make it right?"

4. Genuinely repent, "I want to change"

5. Ask forgiveness, "Can you find it in your heart..."

Challenge: Is there someone you should ask forgiveness from today? Pray for God to reveal this relationship to you and to have the courage to repair it.