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What is "Balance Elite Sports"?

Balance Elite Sports is for all middle school and high school aged teenagers.

At this time we, are offering Balance Sports Elite Basketball that takes place in the spring. Registration begins in January and we have tryouts at the end of February and beginning of March. Tryouts help us to evaluate the talent so that we can create “balanced” teams. Everyone makes a team. The season runs from the week right after Spring Break until the first or second week of May. They play their games during the week on a specific night. We have coaches that work with them and help them improve their game and encourage the entire family. We do have TASO trained officials that ref the games. The students practice for 30 minutes before and then immediately following practice they play their game. Our goal is to try and honor family time as well as study time. Our goal is to keep things relatively inexpensive but our fees cover the uniform, officials, awards, workers and equipment/facilities.

We also offer Balance Sports Elite Volleyball and we begin registration for this league in October. The first Saturday in December is our tryout day. Usually from 9-10am. Scrimmages take place the following Saturday and then all games and practices take place on the third Saturday in December and then start back the first Saturday in January. Practices will begin around 10:15 followed by a game. The children should be finished no later than 12:00pm. The season usually completes around first or second Saturday in February. Our officials are also TASO trained to officiate.

Our hope in the near future when we complete our sports complex behind the church we will add at least Middle School Soccer and Middle School flag football. We will see how the interest is for high school in these sports and add if we have enough participation.

During the summer, all of our camps include Middle School and High School. Registration for our summer camps usually begins as early as March. We offer Volleyball and Soccer camps in June. Our camps are Monday-Thursday. Volleyball is offered from 12:00-3:00pm. Soccer is offered from 8:30-11:30 for middle/high school age students. We have also added our SuperKidz camp for those with special needs. It is a 2 hour camp that involves a lot of interactive opportunities designed specifically for our campers.

The month of July has a couple of camps. Basketball is offered for middle and high school students in the afternoon 12:00-3:00pm. Then we have a unique opportunity for Elementary-high school students that we call Explorer Camp. This camp offers tract style choices with something different every day. For example, we might offer introductions to tennis, golf, tae quan do, vocal training, instrument training, art, cosmetology, culinary, dance, photography/videography, electrician, plumbing, mechanic, handyman skills, carpentry, welding, personal trainer, fire/EMS, and entrepreneur. We are hoping to add professional business in the future.



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