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Word of Encouragement: Spiritual Leadership at Home

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Word of encouragement from Sherri Campbell, a leader in our Grace-Full Parenting Grow Group

The Bible teaches us in James that we can learn and grow from experiencing trials, so I decided to search out what I should be learning from the COVID pandemic and shutdown. One thing that has become plain to me is that this is a not-so-gentle reminder that I am responsible for discipling my kids.

On-site church was taken away for a while, youth and children’s groups have been put on hold, some church camps and VBS have been canceled …many of the fun and exciting ways to involve my kids in church have been interrupted. This should not mean that the discipling gets interrupted. I just have to be willing to work a little harder at it, but after all, isn’t it worth it? It is my chief role as a mom, so I ought to be willing to work for it.

So, I am learning to be more focused on reading scripture with my kids, doing Bible studies with my kids, and having deeper conversations about their walk with God. Through this, I feel that I have a better understanding of how they are doing spiritually. I know my kids will be super-excited when our church schedule is back to normal, and they get to participate in all the amazing things our youth and children ministries do for them, but I am grateful for this special time with them, and I am grateful for this reminder to be a more active spiritual leader for my kids.



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